Frozen Mixed Vegetables

Packaging & Weights are Negotiable


Mixed of Fresh vegetables prepared by:

thorough washing, thermal treatment(enough to deactivate oxidation enzymes) and then rapid frozen and packaged in good manufacturing practices according to Egyptian quality standards as well as codex alimentarius.

Physical Characteristics:

Color Characteristic of the product as ingredients as fresh color of each ingredient
Free from freeze injury (brown spots)
Flavor Good and free of any strange flavors

Chemical Characteristics:

Color: Free from color additives
Pesticide Residual: According to codex alimentarius
Heavy Metal: According to codex alimentarius

Microbiology Characteristics:

Total Aerobic Plate Count: 100.000 cfu/gm
Yeast & Mold: 50 cfu/gm
Coliform: 100 cfu/gm
E.Coli: Negative

Packing & Storage:

Packing: Packaged in polyethylene bags inside carton box packaging weighing 10 kg. or packaged in polyethylene bags inside plastic sack packaging weighing 35 kg.
Shelf Life: 18 months from production date.
Storage: Store at:                       -18 C
During Transportation:     -18 C