Tolido Ceylon / Chinese jasmine flavor green tea bags Tolido jasmine flavor green Tea, with its unique scent, will free your feelings and immerse your senses with warms and gratification
Tolido Ceylon / Chinese Lemon Flavor Green Tea Bags While the properties of tea rouse activity in your body, lemon fragrance in Tolido blend sends vivacity in your souls to endure pleasure and increase vim,
Tolido Pyramidal Ceylon/ Chinese Black Tea Bags Sake for tea lovers, and those who seek for special things, Tolido designed its unique pyramidal black tea.
Tolido Pyramidal Ceylon / Chinese Earl Grey Flavor Black Tea Bags Earl Grey tea drinking is an experience of special sensation requires a special treatment!
Tolido Pyramidal Ceylon / Chinese Cardamom Flavor Black Tea Bags Have you ever experienced the blend of smooth cardamom mixed with the stringiness and aroma of the fresh black tea whole leaves, served in silky pyramid nice bags?!