Tolido Ceylon / Chinese cardamom Flavor Black Tea Bags This tea grants you the taste of cardamom lightly and in depth befitting persons of sharp taste.
Tolido Ceylon / Chinese Cinnamon Flavor Black Tea Bags You will feel how much exciting, strong & hot this tea with each sip you drink!
Tolido Ceylon / Chinese ginger Flavor Black Tea Bags Tea exhilaration and enormous benefits, comes to you from Tolido with ginger flavor that scenting your mouths and give you the warmth harmonized with your evenings and winters charm.
Tolido Ceylon / Chinese merry berry Flavor Black Tea Bags Tea lovers are sons of their nature... That starts from their souls and extends in the beauty of the universe and the charm of virgin wilderness nature around them. For lovers of adventure and inspiring the spirit of Mother Nature, we prepared Tolido captivating and pure merry berry flavor tea.
Tolido Ceylon / Chinese Mint Flavor Green Tea Bags The exhilaration of mint blended with great benefits of Tolido green tea give the green color you see within your cup an amazing effect!