Tolido Kernel Sweet Corn The multiple benefits of sweet corn as well as its lovely taste became an inspiring to the general public for use within many dishes they eat continuously.
Tolido Chopped Mushroom Tolido was keen to diversify its range of canned foods to be always present whenever you wish to take a new dish and enrich your gains of benefits and nutritional values.
Tolido Foul Medammes/ Fava beans – American Variety Root age of our products is backed by the expertise accumulated in the countries of origin, where the authentic heritage of the fava bean. We are keen to offer you Tolido fava bean in a suit harmonizing with your distinctive taste in terms of berry's color, size and savor to be immediately ready to eat and enjoy a delicious meal.
Tolido Hummus tahini Hummus tahini comes to you from Tolido prepared by expert hands know the secrets of successful mixture in Acquisition your wishes and development your sense of satiation filled with authentic flavor.
Tolido Green Peas Tolido Peas are coming to you in a can ready-to-eat and suitable for the preparation of many dishes, especially with what is characterized in terms of appearance of freshness and sweet taste.