Sella Basmati Rice in Alu Pouch bags

Tolido Sella Basmati Rice in Alu Pouch bags

In Haryana and Punjab plains along the foothills of the majestic Himalayas, grows the finest basmati rice in the world, after being saturated with pure natural rainwater and the water of rivers descending from their towering peaks.

We are always keen to be there, to pick and choose for you the long rice grains even after cooking, and pure in color and taste to adorn your tables with what pleased the eye and delights the heart.

Tolido Basmati rice comes to you in multi packing , and the most new is alu pouch bags, to be always on your tables and share you the finest moments, with its great benefits , distinctive flavor and appearance that captivates eyes:

  • 1 kg.

  • 2 kg.

  • 5 kg.

  • 40 kg.

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