Skip Jack Flakes Tuna

Tolido Skip Jack Flakes Tuna

Because tuna meat, as a result of its benefits, enormous taste and delicious taste, has gained a great popularity, people’s tastes and desires vary concerning its shape, and method of preparation and eating.

Hence, Tolido keen to provide you it in a shape of a soft segments increase the ease of eating and fit dishes, its recipes containing tuna at this appearance.

Tolido Skip Jack Flakes Tuna is available in the following packs:

  • 80 g.

  • 80 g Spicy.

  • 140 g.

  • 140 g Spicy.

  • 150 g.

  • 150 g Spicy.

  • 160 g.

  • 160 g Spicy.

  • 170 g.

  • 170 g Spicy.

  • 185 g.

  • 185 g Spicy.

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