Luxury Syrian Olive Oil

Tolido Luxury Syrian Olive Oil

The food system of the Mediterranean people has been classified as one of the most healthy food systems in the world. If you searched for the secret, you will find it attributed primarily to the fact that olive oil is a main component of their dishes to add a unique flavor to their taste raises appetite to eat, so the great benefits of olive oil permeate within all body cells to contribute to the prevention of coronary heart disease, high cholesterol and blood pressure and cancers.

From purer drops of Syrian ancient olive oil cold pressed, Tolido olive oil comes to you with two luxury categories virgin and extra virgin in multi packing to adorn your tables and dishes with a mixture of multi benefits and inspiring flavor.

Tolido Syrian olive oil is available in the following packs:

  • Tolido virgin olive oil 250 ml (1/4 letter)

  • Tolido virgin olive oil 500 ml (1/2 letter)

  • Tolido virgin olive oil 1000 ml (1 letter)

  • Tolido virgin olive oil 3000 ml (3 letter)

  • Tolido virgin olive oil 5000 ml (5 letter)

  • Tolido virgin olive oil 10000 ml (10 letter)

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