About us

Through the history, selecting and providing the most superior foods was a unique art mixed with a deep – rooted experience, a little people perfected it, so there products attracted the epicure and bon vivant all over the world. Talas Grouptrading co, acquire this original spirit to secure the local and Arab markets with many various foodstuff products continuously forming the superior and distinct taste through discovery of the flavor secrets.
Our success, in fact, has formed a promotion and motivation pushing us toward manufacturing the classes submitting to markets while caring greatly about the common benefit and contributing in securing thousands of employees and workers.
Presently, we are available in the largest Arab countries for enriching the consumers with the much rich and generous flavors and foods. We are however, looking forward toward the rest of the Arab and World markets; by God’s mercy, we are constantly going forward for acquiring much more progress, development and prosperity.
Our Commitment

We cooperate as being one harmonic family for meeting your satisfaction,We are exerting great and unlimited efforts to provide you with the enjoyment of distinct taste,Our promotion and motivation are due to the promise we already have for providing our customers with the most tasty, superior, distinct, credibility, and best prices products. With much more love, hope and optimism, we are going forward to acquire your satisfaction and confidence, thus we are looking forward to have our productions on all families’ tables all over the world. We have built our values on the common earning and benefits based on our performance and dealing credibility, and our promise to have constantly enriched productions, We believe that the best is the matter we have not thought about yet; accordingly, we are continuously looking and searching for your satisfaction.
Family of Talas Group